ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public void setDataSymbol2(string image);
[VB] Public Sub setDataSymbol2(image As String)


Load an image from a file and use it as the graphics symbol to plot the data points.

ChartDirector will automatically detect the image file format using the file extension, which must either png, jpg, jpeg, gif, wbmp or wmp (case insensitive).

Please refer to BaseChart.setSearchPath on the directory that ChartDirector will search for the file.

In the current version of ChartDirector, data symbols are supported only in LineLayer, SplineLayer, StepLineLayer and ScatterLayer. To use data symbols in other layer types, add a ScatterLayer on top of that layer.


image(Mandatory)The filename of the image file. The image type is determined based on file extension, which must be png, jpg/jpeg, gif or wbmp/wmp.

Return Value