ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public void waveTransform(int period, double amplitude [, double direction [, double startAngle [, bool longitudinal [, int bgColor [, int filter [, double blur ]]]]]]);
[VB] Public Sub waveTransform(period As Integer, amplitude As Double [, direction As Double [, startAngle As Double [, longitudinal As Boolean [, bgColor As Integer [, filter As Integer [, blur As Double ]]]]]])


Moves the pixels on the drawing surface according to a sinusoidal function to achieve a wave effect.


period(Mandatory)The period of the wave in pixels.
amplitude(Mandatory)The amplitude of the wave in pixels.
direction0The propagation direction of the wave. The upward pointing direction is 0 degree, and the angle is measured clockwise.
startAngle0The initial phase angle of the wave in degrees.
longitudinalfalseDetermine if the wave is transversal or longitudinal. true means transversal. false means longitudinal.
bgColorFFFFFFThe background color used to fill the space left after transformation.
filterLinearFilterThe filter to use for re-sampling.
blur1The blur factor to use for re-sampling.

Return Value