ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public InterLineLayer addBand(double[] upperLine, double[] lowerLine, int lineColor, int fillColor, string name);
[VB] Public Function addBand(upperLine As Double(), lowerLine As Double(), lineColor As Integer, fillColor As Integer, name As String) As InterLineLayer


Adds a generic band to the main finance chart. This method is used internally by other methods to add various bands (eg. Bollinger band, Donchian channels, etc).


upperLine(Mandatory)The data series for the upper band line.
lowerLine(Mandatory)The data series for the lower band line.
lineColor(Mandatory)The color of the upper and lower band line.
fillColor(Mandatory)The color to fill the region between the upper and lower band lines.
name(Mandatory)The name of the band.

Return Value

An InterLineLayer object representing the filled region.