ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public InterLineLayer addEnvelop(int period, double range, int lineColor, int fillColor);
[VB] Public Function addEnvelop(period As Integer, range As Double, lineColor As Integer, fillColor As Integer) As InterLineLayer


Adds a price envelop to the main chart. The price envelop is a defined as a ratio around a moving average. For example, a ratio of 0.2 means 20% above and below the moving average.


period(Mandatory)The period for the moving average.
range(Mandatory)The ratio above and below the moving average.
lineColor(Mandatory)The color of the lines defining the upper and lower limits.
fillColor(Mandatory)The color to fill the regional within the band.

Return Value

An InterLineLayer object representing the band created.