ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public XYChart addPVO(int height, int period1, int period2, int period3, int color, int signalColor, int divColor);
[VB] Public Function addPVO(height As Integer, period1 As Integer, period2 As Integer, period3 As Integer, color As Integer, signalColor As Integer, divColor As Integer) As XYChart


Adds a Percentage Volume Oscillator indicator chart.


height(Mandatory)The height of the indicator chart in pixels.
period1(Mandatory)The first moving average period to compute the indicator.
period2(Mandatory)The second moving average period to compute the indicator.
period3(Mandatory)The moving average period of the signal line.
color(Mandatory)The color of the indicator line.
signalColor(Mandatory)The color of the signal line.
divColor(Mandatory)The color of the divergent bars.

Return Value

A XYChart object representing the chart created.