ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public XYChart addRSI(int height, int period, int color, double range, int upColor, int downColor);
[VB] Public Function addRSI(height As Integer, period As Integer, color As Integer, range As Double, upColor As Integer, downColor As Integer) As XYChart


Adds a Relative Strength Index indicator chart.


height(Mandatory)The height of the indicator chart in pixels.
period(Mandatory)The period to compute the indicator.
color(Mandatory)The color of the indicator line.
range(Mandatory)The distance between the middle line and the upper and lower threshold lines.
upColor(Mandatory)The fill color when the indicator exceeds the upper threshold line.
downColor(Mandatory)The fill color when the indicator falls below the lower threshold line.

Return Value

A XYChart object representing the chart created.