ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public void setKeyBorder(int edgeColor [, int raisedEffect ]);
[VB] Public Sub setKeyBorder(edgeColor As Integer [, raisedEffect As Integer ])


Sets the default border color of the legend icon.

This method applies only to data sets of which the icons are rectangles showing the colors of the data sets. If the icon is a shape or symbol (such as for a line with data point symbols), the border color of the original shape or symbol is always used.


edgeColor(Mandatory)The border color.
raisedEffect0The 3D border width. For positive values, the border will appear raised. For negative values, the border will appear depressed. A zero value means the border will appear flat. This argument can also be used to specify Chart.glassEffect, Chart.softLighting, Chart.cylinderEffect or Chart.flatBorder effects.

Return Value