ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public void setBackground(int color [, int altBgColor [, int edgeColor ]]);
[VB] Public Sub setBackground(color As Integer [, altBgColor As Integer [, edgeColor As Integer ]])


Sets the background colors and the border color of the plot area.

A plot area can have one or two background colors. If it has two background colors, they are drawn alternatively as horizontal bands on the major background grid.

ChartDirector Ver 4.0 introduces two new methods PlotArea.setAltBgColor and PlotArea.set4QBgColor. They are used for vertical alternating bands, and for supporting 4 background colors for 4 quadrants.


color(Mandatory)The background color.
altBgColor-1The second background color. -1 means there is no second background color.
edgeColor-1The border color of the plot area. -1 means to use the default, which is LineColor. However, if the axes are configured in 4 quadrant mode (see XYChart.setAxisAtOrigin), the default will change to Transparent.

Return Value