ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public void setSymbolScale(double[] zData [, int scaleType ]);
[VB] Public Sub setSymbolScale(zData As Double() [, scaleType As Integer ])


Sets the size of the symbol for each data point (for creating bubble charts).

One common usage for this method is to draw circle symbols of different sizes at each data points, creating a bubble chart.

This method supports any valid data symbols. You can create bubble charts with square bubbles, or even custom data symbols.

ChartDirector supports specifying sizes as pixels or in axis scale. The unit is specified by using the following predefined constants.

PixelScale0The unit is measured in pixels.
RadialAxisScale2The unit is measured in the radial axis scale.


zData(Mandatory)The sizes of the symbols, expressed using the unit defined by the scaleType argument.
scaleTypePixelScaleThe unit for zData, which must be one of the predefined constants in the table above.

Return Value