ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public void setFullRange(string id, {double | DateTime} minValue, {double | DateTime} maxValue);
[VB] Public Sub setFullRange(id As String, minValue As {double | DateTime}, maxValue As {double | DateTime} maxValue)


Defines the full range of a viewport data scale.

In the ChartDirector zooming and scrolling framework, the viewport coordinates are expressed as the visible fractions of the "full data scale". For example, if the "full data scale" is 10 years horizontally, a viewport width of 0.1 means that 1 year of data are visible.

The setFullRange method defines the full range of a data scale and gives it a name. As ChartDirector supports multiple x-axes and y-axes, so there can be multiple data scales with different names. The name can be used in other ChartDirector APIs to convert between the viewport coordinates and data scale (see RazorChartViewer.getValueAtViewPort, RazorChartViewer.getViewPortAtValue), and to configure an Axis to reflect the visible data scale (see RazorChartViewer.syncLinearAxisWithViewPort, RazorChartViewer.syncLogAxisWithViewPort and RazorChartViewer.syncDateAxisWithViewPort).


id(Mandatory)The name of the data scale.
minValue(Mandatory)The minimum value of the data scale.
maxValue(Mandatory)The maximum value of the data scale.

Return Value