ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public void setLabelLayout(int layoutMethod [, int pos ]);
[VB] Public Sub setLabelLayout(layoutMethod As Integer [, pos As Integer ])


Sets the layout method and location of the sector label.

To set the sector label layout method and location for all sectors, use PieChart.setLabelLayout.

ChartDirector supports two sector label layout methods - circular layout and side layout. For detail descriptions, please refer to PieChart.setLabelLayout.


layoutMethod(Mandatory)Specify the layout method. Must be one of the predefined constants CircleLayout or SideLayout.
pos-1For circular layout, it is the distance between the sector perimeter and the sector label. A negative value (but not -1) means the sector label will be drawn in the interior of the sector.

For side layout, it is the distance between the pie perimeter and the left or right edges of the invisible containing rectangle (equal to the width of the rectangle minus the pie diameter and then divided by 2).

In either case, -1 means the distance is automatically determined.

Return Value