ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public void setDataSymbol(int symbol [, int size [, int fillColor [, int edgeColor [, int lineWidth ]]]]);
[VB] Public Sub setDataSymbol(symbol As Integer [, size As Integer [, fillColor As Integer [, edgeColor As Integer [, lineWidth As Integer ]]]])


Uses one of the built-in symbols as the graphics symbol to plot the data points.


symbol(Mandatory)One of the predefined shape constants representing the symbol shape. See Shape Specification for the available built-in shapes.
size5The width and height of the symbol in pixels.
fillColor-1The color used to fill the symbol. -1 means that the color is automatically selected from the palette. SameAsMainColor means the color is based on the z value of the symbol as according to the ColorAxis (accessible via ThreeDChart.colorAxis).
edgeColor-1The edge color used to draw the edge of the symbol. -1 means using LineColor as the edge color.
lineWidth1The line width used for drawing the symbols.

Return Value