ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public void setDataSymbol4(int[] polygon [, int size [, int fillColor [, int edgeColor ]]]);
[VB] Public Sub setDataSymbol4(polygon As Integer() [, size As Integer [, fillColor As Integer [, edgeColor As Integer ]]])


Uses a custom polygon as the graphics symbol to plot the data points.


polygon(Mandatory)An array of integers representing the coordinates the polygon vertices. See Shape Specification on how the custom shape is defined.
size11The nominal width and height of the symbol in pixels.
fillColor-1The color used to fill the symbol. -1 means that the color is automatically selected from the palette. SameAsMainColor means the color is based on the z value of the symbol as according to the ColorAxis (accessible via ThreeDChart.colorAxis).
edgeColor-1The edge color used to draw the edge of the symbol. -1 means using LineColor as the edge color.

Return Value