ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public WebChartSizeMode ChartSizeMode {get; set;};
[VB] Public Property ChartSizeMode As WebChartSizeMode


Determines the sizing method of the WebChartViewer control.

The WebChartViewer control supports 3 sizing methods, depending on the value of ChartSizeMode. The default is WebChartSizeMode.AutoSize.

WebChartSizeMode.AutoSizeThe <IMG> tag will be sized (using WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes) to the actual size of the image, determined at runtime.
WebChartSizeMode.AutoSizeNoHintThe <IMG> tag will have no size information (no WIDTH and HEIGHT attribute). In this case, the browser will automatically size the <IMG> tag to the actual size of the image.
WebChartSizeMode.StretchImageThe <IMG> tag will be sized using the given width and height of the control. The given width and height can be assigned by Visual Studio.NET at design time, or can be assigned in code at runtime. If the actual size of the image is of different from the assigned values, the browser will stretch or compress the image. (This may result in some image distortion.)