ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public bool LoadViewerState();
[VB] Public Function LoadViewerState() As Boolean


Loads the state of the JsChartViewer into the WebChartViewer in partial chart updates (AJAX chart updates).

In a post back event, ASP.NET will be automatically set up the states of all controls from the view state and post back data. For the WebChartViewer, the state of the browser side JsChartViewer will be loaded, so that the properties of JsChartViewer can be accessed as the properties of the WebChartViewer.

On the other hand, in a partial chart update request (AJAX chart update), because the chart is updated without refreshing the page, it is not a normal post back event. In a partial chart update request, only the state of the JsChartViewer is sent back to the server, and the LoadViewerState method is needed to load the JsChartViewer state into the WebChartViewer.



Return Value

True if the JsChartViewer state is found, otherwise false.