ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public void PartialUpdateChart([ string msg [, int timeout ]]);
[VB] Public Sub PartialUpdateChart([ msg As String [, timeout As Integer ]])


Sends the response to a partial chart update request.

The response can optionally cause a message to pop up on the chart on the browser side. This is useful for displaying error messages or other information to the user. The pop up message may automatically hide after a certain time. An OK button may also be put on the message to allow the user to dismiss it.


msg""A pop up message to be displayed on the chart. "" means no pop up message will be displayed.
timeout0The delay time in milliseconds, after which the pop up message will automatically hide. If a negative number is used, the delay time is set as the absolute value. In addition, there will be an OK button to allow the user to dismiss the message. Use a very large negative number to show the message until the user press OK. 0 means the pop up message will stay until the chart refreshes.

Return Value