ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public void SetCustomAttr(string key, string value);
[VB] Public Sub SetCustomAttr(key As String, value As String)


Sets a custom attribute.

The WebChartViewer does not interpret or use custom attributes. It merely sends them to the browser side JsChartViewer control. On the browser side, these attributes can be retrieved using JsChartViewer.getCustomAttr.

Custom attributes are useful for transferring application specific information between the server and the browser during partial chart updates (AJAX requests). They are also useful for storing values that needs to be persistent across multiple HTTP requests.

For example, one can use custom attributes to pass the values of browser side HTML controls to the server. (For non-AJAX requests, one can always use FORM POST or GET to pass information to the server.)

Both the key and value of a custom attribute should be text strings. The key should be a valid variable name, that is, it should start with A-Z, a-z or underscore, and consists entirely of alphanumeric characters with no spaces.


key(Mandatory)The attribute key.
value(Mandatory)The attribute value.

Return Value