ChartDirector 6.3 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public string ChartMetrics {get; set;};
[VB] Public Property ChartMetrics As String


Gets or sets the chart metrics of the chart.

This method is not necessary if you use BaseChart.makeWebImage to assign the chart to WebViewPortControl, as the WebImage already includes the chart metrics. However, if you pass the chart to WebViewPortControl as a temporary image file (eg. using BaseChart.makeTmpFile), then to support view ports, it is necessary to pass the chart metrics using this method.

The chart metrics is represented by a text string. It must be generated by BaseChart.getChartMetrics. The internal format of the chart metrics are not published.

The WebViewPortControl sends the chart metrics to the browser side JsChartViewer so it knows the location of the plot area for supporting view port mouse actions.