ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public BaseChart Chart {get; set;};
[VB] Public Property Chart As BaseChart


Gets or sets a BaseChart object to be used with the WinChartViewer.

When a BaseChart object is set into the WinChartViewer, the WinChartViewer will display the chart image, and also collect various chart metrics for supporting viewports. A reference to the BaseChart object will be stored internally, so that it can be retrieved later using this property.

WinChartViewer internally does not need the stored BaseChart reference. If you do not need the stored reference, it is perfectly safe to immediately clear the BaseChart reference by setting this property to "Nothing". This will allow the BaseChart object to be garbage collected earlier.

Setting "null" (in C#) or "Nothing" (in VB) to this property does not clear the displayed chart image. It only clears the internal BaseChart reference. To clear the display chart image, set WinChartViewer.Image to "null" (in C#) or "Nothing" (in VB), or you may set WinChartViewer.Visible to "false" to hide the WinChartViewer entirely.