ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public event WinHotSpotEventHandler ClickHotSpot;
[VB] Public Event ClickHotSpot As WinHotSpotEventHandler


This event occurs when the mouse clicks on a hot spot on the chart image.

WinHotSpotEventHandler is a delegate representing the signature of the method that can be used to handle hot spot events. It is declared as follows.

[VB] Public Delegate Sub WinHotSpotEventHandler(sender As Object, e As WinHotSpotEventArgs)
[C#] public delegate void WinHotSpotEventHandler(object sender, WinHotSpotEventArgs e);

In the above, "sender" is the object that raises the event, and "e" is a WinHotSpotEventArgs object that contains the event data.