ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public void updateDisplay([ bool repaintNow ]);
[VB] Public Sub updateDisplay([ repaintNow As Boolean ])


Updates the display.

If a chart is assigned to a WinChartViewer for display, the WinChartViewer will automatically display it. If the chart is subsequently modified (eg. by drawing additional things in its dynamic layer - see BaseChart.initDynamicLayer), this method can be used to notify the WinChartViewer that the modification has been completed so that it can update the display.


repaintNowtrueA true value means the display is updated immediately or as soon as possible. A false value means that the GUI framework is notified that the display needs to be updated. The GUI framework may delay the update for a short time, which is usually unnoticeable, but may become noticeable if the system is very busy.

Return Value