ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public int getYCoor(double v [, Axis yAxis ]);
[VB] Public Function getYCoor(v As Double [, yAxis As Axis ]) As Integer


Gets the y pixel coordinate given the y data value.

This method only accepts numeric values as input. If the axis scale is a date/time scale, and you are using a DateTime value, please use Chart.CTime to convert it to a number.

Note: This method should be used only after ChartDirector has output the chart image, or after XYChart.layoutAxes, BaseChart.layout or XYChart.packPlotArea has been called. ChartDirector needs to perform auto- scaling and layout the axis before it can convert between pixel coordinates and data values.

For an XYChart with 3D layers, this method will get the pixel coordinate of the data value on the top layer of the chart. Use Layer.getYCoor to obtain the pixel coordinate of the data value on a particular chart layer.


v(Mandatory)The y data value.
yAxis[Null]The y-axis to use to determine the pixel coordinates of data values. The y-axis may be obtained using XYChart.yAxis, XYChart.yAxis2 or XYChart.addAxis. The default is to use the primary y-axis.

Return Value

The y pixel coordinate of the y data value.