ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)


Installing ChartDirector for .NET

ChartDirector for .NET is distributed as a zip file. Windows may block DLLs in downloaded zip files, so before you can use it, please unblock it first.

After unblocking, simply extract the zip file to the directory you want ChartDirector to be located.

The ChartDirector documentation is in the "ChartDirector\doc" subdirectory in compiled HTML (CHM) format. On Windows, you can read CHM documentation by simply double clicking on the CHM file.

Running ChartDirector Sample Programs

ChartDirector for .NET includes a lot of sample programs for various application frameworks. They are designed as tutorials and examples on how to use ChartDirector. It is strongly recommended that you try at least one set of sample programs.

Application FrameworkLocation
Windows Forms (C# and VB)ChartDirector\NetWinCharts
WPF (C#)ChartDirector\NetWPFCharts
ASP.NET Web Forms (C# and VB)ChartDirector\NetWebCharts
ASP.NET MVC (C#)ChartDirector\NetMvcCharts

Installing Controls in Visual Studio Toolbox

ChartDirector comes with six .NET controls:

The following steps can be used to install these controls into the Visual Studio toolbox:

In addition to the standard ChartDirector assembly, there is a ChartDirector assembly that targets the .NET Framework Client Profile. There are also strong-named editions of these assemblies. Please refer to the section Using ChartDirector in Your Own Programs for details.

You can add controls from more than one ChartDirector assemblies to the toolbox. In this case, it is suggested you add them to different tabs with names for identification.

Installing Visual Studio Integrated Help

The ChartDirector distribution includes documentation in CHM format. The ChartDirector Visual Studio Integrated Help is the same content installed into the Visual Studio help viewer. It provides the following features:

To install ChartDirector Visual Studio Integrated Help, please download it from and follow the installation instructions on the download page.

Using ChartDirector in Your Own Programs

To use ChartDirector in your application, it needs to include the ChartDirector assembly. The ChartDirector assembly comes in four editions for different usage scenarios:

Assembly Location (in ChartDirector\lib)Description
standard\netchartdir.dllThe ChartDirector assembly for the standard .NET Framework.
client_profile\netchartdir_cp.dllThe ChartDirector assembly for the .NET Framework Client Profile.
signed\netchartdir.dllThe strong-named edition of the ChartDirector assembly for the standard .NET Framework.
signed_client_profile\netchartdir_cp.dllThe strong-named edition of the ChartDirector assembly for the .NET Framework Client Profile.

Please refer to Microsoft documentation on what is .NET Framework Client Profile and what is a strong-named assembly. The following is a brief summary.

The followings are some of the methods to include ChartDirector in your application:

Installing the ChartDirector License

If you have purchased a license to use ChartDirector, you should have a license key delivered to you by email or by post.

If your license key is for upgrading an older license, please append the upgrade key to the older license key and use the combined license key.

If your license key is for a ChartDirector Developer License, please install it in your computer as follows:

If you cannot access the "[windows]" directory, such as if you are installing the license on a remote server for an ASP.NET application, you can also copy the license file to the "bin" subdirectory of the ASP.NET application. If your application is an EXE file, such as a WPF or Windows Forms application, you can put the license file in the same directory as the EXE file.

If your license key is for a ChartDirector Redistribute License, you may apply the key by calling Chart.setLicenseCode in your application. In this way, the license key will be compiled into the application executable and redistributed with the application, and ChartDirector will run in licensed mode when used by your application.