ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)

Making Other Objects Clickable

ChartDirector image map is "open-ended", which means you can insert custom <AREA> tags into the image map for custom hot spots.

In general, if an object contains multiple hot spots (e.g. the bars in a bar chart), the "getHTMLImageMap" method of that object may be used to generate <AREA> tags for all hot spots. If an object only has one hot spot (e.g. a single sector or a text box), the "getImageCoor" method of that object may be used for getting the image map coordinates of the hot spot, so that you can create an <AREA> tag for the object.

In case an object has no "getHTMLImageMap" or "getImageCoor" method, it may be necessary to compute or estimate its coordinates to create the <AREA> tag.

For example, suppose you want the vertical y-axis of an XYChart to be clickable. The end points of the y-axis are known. They are just the corners of the plot area. The "width" of the y-axis may be unknown, but for clickable purposes, it may be acceptable to assume a reasonable width. In this way, the coordinates of the bounding rectangle of the y-axis can be determined.

If the (x, y) coordinates of an object is only known by their data values, you can obtain their pixel coordinates using "getXCoor" and "getYCoor" methods of the Layer, XYChart, PolarChart or ThreeDChart object.