ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)

ChartDirector Output Methods

Most of the sample codes in this documentation use WebChartViewer or RazorChartViewer to deliver the charts to browsers (for ASP.NET sample codes), or use WinChartViewer to display on screen (for Windows Forms sample code).

In this section, we will discuss in more details the output methods in ChartDirector.

In this section

ChartDirector Output Methods Summary
A summary of ChartDirector output methods.

ASP.NET Output Methods with Viewers
Describes how to output the charts using WebChartViewer or RazorChartViewer.

ASP.NET Output Methods without Viewers
Describes how to output the charts to the browser without using then WebChartViewer or RazorChartViewer.

Direct Streaming to Browser
Describes the direct streaming method of delivering chart images to browser.

Creating Charts as Image Files
Describes how to output charts as image or PDF files.