ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)

ChartDirector Output Methods Summary

BaseChart.makeWebImageCreates the chart as a ChartDirector.WebImage object. The WebImage can be assigned to a WebChartViewer or RazorChartViewer, which generates HTML representing the chart image for output to browsers.
BaseChart.makeImageCreates the chart as a System.Drawing.Image object, which is a standard .NET object and can be used in a variety of ways. The WinChartViewer control can be used to display this object on screen.
BaseChart.makeChartCreates the chart as an image file. See Creating Charts as Image Files for more information.
BaseChart.makeTmpFileCreates the chart as a temporary image file. This method creates a unique temporary file in a given directory to save the chart. It automatically cleans up old temporary files at the same time.
BaseChart.makeSessionCreates the chart as an ASP.NET session variable. This avoids creating temporary files in the server, but requires the server not to disable session variables.
BaseChart.makeChart2Creates the chart in memory as an image. This method is typically used in web applications for direct streaming to the browser. See Direct Streaming to Browser for more information.