ChartDirector 7.0 (PHP Edition)



setBorderColor(color [, lightingEffect ])


Sets the default border color and lighting effect for the data representation.

The border color only applies to data representation that has a border, such as a bar, an area or a 3D line. It does not apply to data representation that does not have a border, such as a 2D line. The border color affect all data sets in the layer. To set the border color of one particular data set, use DataSet.setDataColor.

Only certain layer types support lighting effects. They are described in the following table.

Layer TypeLighting Effects
BarLayerSetting lightingEffect to an integer within +/- 4000 will create a bevel border around the bar. The border will appear as raised for a positive number, and depressed for a negative number. The border width will be the magnitude of the number in pixels.

Setting lightingEffect to the return value of flatBorder will result in a flat border of the specified width.

Setting lightingEffect to the return value of glassEffect, softLighting, cylinderEffect or barLighting will enable the respective effect on the bar.
BoxWhiskerLayerSupports the same lighting effect as the BarLayer.
LineLayerFor a 3D line layer, phongLighting can be used to shade the 3D line surface.
SplineLayerSupports the same lighting effect as the LineLayer.


color(Mandatory)The border color.
lightingEffect0Specifies the 3D bevel or border width, flat border effect, or other special shading effects as described in the above table.

Return Value