ChartDirector 5.1.1 Release Notes

This document describes the updates and bug fixes in ChartDirector 5.1.1 comparing to ChartDirector 5.1. For earlier versions of ChartDirector, please refer to the release notes archive.

Updates in ChartDirector 5.1.1

Updated C++ Header Files to Avoid Compiler Warnings
For the C++ edition of ChartDirector, some newer C++ compilers may produce warning messages when includng the header file "chartdir.h". The warning messages are about unused variables defined in "chartdir.h" and are harmless. In ChartDirector 5.1.1, "chartdir.h" is updated to avoid these warning messages.
OpenJDK 7 JPEG Output Compatibility
For JPEG output, the Java edition of ChartDirector uses the JPEG codec from SUN Microsystems / Oracle. Recently, one of the Java distribution "OpenJDK" has removed support of this JPEG codec in its OpenJDK 7 distribution. To maintain compatibility with OpenJDK 7, ChartDirector 5.1.1 has been modified to use Java ImageIO for JPEG output.
Improved ClearType Support in Java
The ClearType support in the Java edition of ChartDirector has been updated to render text more accurately on Windows and Java 7 platforms.
WebChartViewer Support for Python 3.x
For the Python edition of ChartDirector, the WebChartViewer has been updated to support Python 3.x.

Bug Fixes in ChartDirector 5.1.1

Surface Chart and Contour Layer May Hang with Certain Scattered Data
Earlier versions of ChartDirector may hang if scattered data points of certain distributions are used. This has now been fixed.
Extremely Small Sectors in 3D Pie Charts May Draw Incorrectly
If a 3D pie chart contains an extremely small but non-zero sector, in which extremely small means 15 orders of magnitude smaller than other sectors, ChartDirector may draw that sector incorrectly. This has now been fixed.
Escaping of Reserved Characters in Image Maps Is Broken in ChartDirector 5.1
For the C++, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby and ASP/COM/VB editions of ChartDirector, the image map is escaped incorrectly in ChartDirector 5.1. Certain characters which are illegal in an HTML image map are included directly in the image map without escaping them first. As a result, the browser or the ChartViewer may not process the image map accurately. This has now been fixed.
Area Chart Draws Nothing for Isolated Points.
An isolated point is a point which is not connected to any earlier or later points. This can be because the isolated point is the only point in the chart, or all other points are NoValue points, or the isolated point is sandwiched between two NoValue points and the gap color is set to transparent.

It takes at least 2 points to define an area in an area chart. For an isolated point, no area can be drawn. Before ChartDirector 5.1, the border of the zero width area is still drawn, resulting in a vertical line in 2D or a vertical strip in 3D. This is changed in ChartDirector 5.1 in which nothing is drawn. ChartDirector 5.1.1 restores the earlier behaviour of drawing a border.
ColorAxis.setColorGradient Interprets Certain Colors Incorrectly
For the ASP/COM/VB edition of ChartDirector, if colors are specified as 16-bit signed integers (which is the default type for small integers in VB6/VBScript/VBA), ChartDirector should automatically convert them to 32-bit by reinterpreting them as unsigned integers. For example, &HFF00 should be converted to &H0000FF00&, as opposed to &HFFFFFF00&. This automatic conversion is broken in ColorAxis.setColorGradient. This has now been fixed.