ChartDirector 6.1 Release Notes
This document describes the enhancements in ChartDirector 6.1 compared to ChartDirector 6.0. For earlier versions of ChartDirector, please refer to the release notes archive.

ChartDirector 6.1 is a .NET only release. It is only available for ChartDirector for .NET.
New Features
ChartDirector 6.1 adds ASP.NET MVC support to ChartDirector for .NET. It includes two new controls: These two controls are the equivalent of the WebChartViewer and WebViewPortControl for ASP.NET Web Forms.
Upgrade Considerations
In order to support ASP.NET MVC, ChartDirector for .NET 6.1 requires .NET Framework 4.0 or above (including .NET Framework Client Profile 4.0). You should upgrade only if your project targets .NET Framework 4.0 or above.

ChartDirector 6.1 is designed to be compatible with earlier versions of ChartDirector, which means existing code should continue to run. ChartDirector 6.1 can coexist with earlier versions of ChartDirector. You can use multiple versions of ChartDirector on the same machine concurrently.