ChartDirector 6.3 Release Notes
This document describes the enhancements in ChartDirector 6.3 compared to ChartDirector 6.2. For earlier versions of ChartDirector, please refer to the release notes archive.

ChartDirector 6.3 adds support for using embedded resources in executables. As embedded resources are mostly used in desktop GUI applications (as opposed to web or command line scripts), so ChartDirector 6.3 is only available for C++ and .NET (C#, VB).
What are Embedded Resources?
Desktop GUI applications commonly require a lot of images, such as for button and toolbar icons. To avoid having to distribute many images files with the application, many application frameworks have facilities to allow these contents to be embedded into the executable. These embedded contents are referred to as resources.

There are many different resource systems. Windows and MacOS have different resource systems. Some programming frameworks, such as Qt and .NET, have their own resource systems different from that of the operating system.
ChartDirector Embedded Resource Support
ChartDirector can use images as background images, pattern colors, scatter symbols, CDML images, etc.. In previous versions of ChartDirector, these images have to be provided using file system paths. ChartDirector 6.3 supports "resource paths", allowing images to be loaded from resources.

Apart from images, ChartDirector 6.3 can also load fonts from resources.
Other Updates
Upgrade Considerations
ChartDirector 6.3 is designed to be compatible with earlier versions of ChartDirector, which means existing code should continue to run. ChartDirector 6.3 can coexist with earlier versions of ChartDirector. You can use multiple versions of ChartDirector on the same machine concurrently.