ChartDirector 6.4 Release Notes
This document describes the enhancements in ChartDirector 6.4 compared to ChartDirector 6.3. For earlier versions of ChartDirector, please refer to the release notes archive.

ChartDirector 6.4 is a .NET only release. It is only available for ChartDirector for .NET.
New Features
ChartDirector 6.4 adds .NET Core support to ChartDirector for .NET. All ChartDirector controls are now available for both .NET Framework and .NET Core for application types that are supported in both environments.
App Type.NET Framework.NET Core
Windows Forms
ASP.NET Web FormsN/A
ASP.NET MVC / Razor Pages
.NET Framework Library Distribution Update
In previous versions of ChartDirector for .NET, the ChartDirector DLL is released in 4 editions to support combinations of strong-named / non-strong-named and the standard .NET Framework / .NET Framework Client Profile. The developer chooses which DLL to use based on his requirements.

ChartDirector .NET Framework library is now released as a strong-named DLL for the standard .NET Framework. The non-strong-named and Client Profile types are no longer released. It is because:
For existing applications targetting the .NET Framework Client Profile, please update them to target the standard .NET Framework instead.
NuGet Distribution
As in previous versions of ChartDirector, the ChartDirector .NET Framework library is released as "netchartdir.dll" in the ChartDirector distribution. Starting from this version, the ChartDirector library is also available as NuGet packages "ChartDirector.Net" (for web applications) and "ChartDirector.Net.Desktop.Controls" (for desktop applications), hosted on Microsoft's web site. Applications that targets the .NET Framework can choose to reference "netchartdir.dll" or to include the appropriate NuGet package. Applications that targets .NET Core can only use the NuGet packages.
Upgrade Considerations
ChartDirector 6.4 is designed to be compatible with previous versions of ChartDirector, which means existing code should continue to run. However, .NET Framework Client Profile applications will need to be recompiled to target the standard .NET Framework.

ChartDirector 6.4 can coexist with earlier versions of ChartDirector. Multiple versions of ChartDirector can be used on the same machine concurrently.