ChartDirector Visual Studio Integrated Help
ChartDirector for .NET Visual Studio Integrated Help is ChartDirector documentation in the Microsoft Help Asset File format (msha). It can be imported into the Microsoft Help Viewer used by Visual Studio. Visual Studio can then provide context sensitive help for the ChartDirector API. For example, during code editing, if the text cursor is on a ChartDirector API and the F1 button is pressed, Visual Studio can display the documentation for that API. You can also read, search and bookmark pages in the documentation with the Visual Studio Help Viewer.
Installing ChartDirector Visual Studio Integrated Help

  • Please make sure Visual Studio is running as Administrator. This is by right clicking on the Visual Studio icon and select "Run As Administrator".

  • Go to "Help > Add and Remove Help Content".
  • If you do not find the "Add and Remove Help Content", your Visual Studio has not installed Microsoft Help Viewer. Please install it first.

  • If there is an older version of "ChartDirector for .NET Documentation", please click "Remove" to uninstall it first.
  • In the "Installation source", select "Disk", then press the "Browse" button to browse to the directory containing the Visual Studio Integrated Help, and choose "helpcontentsetup.msha".

  • Click "Add" to select the "ChartDirector for .NET Documentation", then click "Update".
  • Visual Studio may prompt you for administrator privileges. In this case, click "Yes" to proceed.
  • Installation may take a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on system configuration.

  • To use the Integrated Help, Visual Studio must be configured to use the Help Viewer for its help system (as opposed to using a browser to view only online contents from Microsoft's web site). This can be configured by going to "Help > Set Help Preference" and select "Launch in Help Viewer".
What if Visual Studio does not have Microsoft Help Viewer?

  • Launch Visual Studio Installer.

  • Click on "More > Modify".

  • Click the "Individual Components" tab. Select the "Help Viewer" option.
  • Click the "Install" button at the bottom of the window.