About WAR Format

ChartDirector for JSP/Java is implemented in pure Java and can be used on a wide variety of platforms. For cross-platform compatibility, ChartDirector for JSP/Java is distributed in WAR format. This allows the ChartDirector distribution to be extracted by using the standard Java "jar" utility, without relying on other platform specific programs.

Many third party tools support the WAR format (which uses the same compression method as the JAR format). On Windows, WinZip or WinRAR can be used to extract WAR files.

Technically, a WAR file is a JAR file with a special certain special directories and files. The full name of WAR is Web Application Archive. If you are planning to use ChartDirector in a JSP web server, you may deploy the ChartDirector WAR to your web server as a web application. In this way, the class paths and servlet mappings will be set up automatically. Virtually all JSP web servers support deploying WAR files. Please refer to your web server's documentation for details.

If you do not want to install ChartDirector as a web application yet, or if you are planning to use ChartDirector in standalone Java programs, you may extract the WAR file to an empty directory. You may then read the "Installation" section of the ChartDirector documentation on how to run the sample code, and how to use ChartDirector in your own applications.
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