Advanced Software Engineering
Advanced Software Engineering was founded in 1995 by several software engineers with networking background. At that time, Internet started to become popular and corporations were busy building up their intranet. This provided Advanced Software Engineering with lots of contracting opportunities to develop network management applications for its clients.

Management applications invariably use a lot of charts. The charts for network management are particularly demanding. Huge amount of data are collected from the many network devices. The data are visualized as charts for network monitoring, quality of service management, bandwidth management, capacity planning, protocol analysis, security management, and so on. Charts are generated on Windows and Mac OS X desktop machines in realtime, on web servers running Linux/UNIX, and in background tasks to produce reports.

In 2001, with years of experience in charting applications, Advanced Software Engineering decided to package its charting routines into a software component, named ChartDirector, and offered it to the software developer community. It was an instant success. Initially, ChartDirector was a C++ component. Due to popular demand, it has been ported to many programming languages and operating systems.

ChartDirector is now a well-proven product. Thousands of organizations worldwide are using ChartDirector in their products, applications and websites. They include large fortune 500 companies as well as small enterprises and startups. They are from diverse industries such as banking and finance, government institutions, utilities, information technology, health care and manufacturing. Advanced Software Engineering is totally dedicated to the continual development, support and marketing of ChartDirector.

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