ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)



addCustomContour(z, contourColor, contourWidth, contourLabel [, font [, fontSize [, fontColor ]]])


Adds a custom contour to the layer.

You can also add a custom contour by using Axis.addMark on the ColorAxis, in which case a label will also be added to the color axis. The addCustomContour method adds the label to the contour without affecting the color axis.


z(Mandatory)The z value of the contour.
contourColor(Mandatory)The contour line color.
contourWidth(Mandatory)The contour line width in pixels.
contourLabel(Mandatory)The text of the contour label.
font"normal"The font used to draw the label.
fontSize8The font size used to draw the label.
fontColorTextColorThe color used to draw the labels.

Return Value

A Mark object representing the custom contour added. You may use this object to fine-tune the appearance of the custom contour.