Purchase ChartDirector - Offline Ordering

It is recommended to purchase ChartDirector online as it is the most convenient way to purchase ChartDirector. License code will typically be delivered within 24 hours for online orders.

On the other hand, if your organization policy does not allow online ordering, we are happy to accept traditional ordering methods.

Order by Bank Wire Transfer
Please send an email to sales@advsofteng.net for a formal quotation and our bank account details. Please specify the license types and quantities you need.
Order by Purchase Order

We usually do not accept purchase orders on credit terms, except from government organizations, accredited educational institutions and major corporations. Due to the extra work and delay involved in processing purchase orders, you are encouraged to order online or by bank wire transfer.

Please send your purchase order to sales@advsofteng.net.

If you need a formal quotation, please send an email to sales@advsofteng.net and specify the license types and quantities required.

Clarification on Taxation for Offline Ordering

To clarify the tax status, the sale and the transfer of title shall occur in Hong Kong, which is our location. There is no VAT or sales tax or consumption tax in Hong Kong.

ChartDirector licenses are delivered as license keys by email. For documentation purpose, we will also deliver a license certificate that contains the same license key and other registration details to you by email. The software itself can always be downloaded from our web site. There is no physical shipment.

The price listed in this web site does not include tax. If the law of your country requires certain amount to be withheld for tax purposes, please adjust the price accordingly so that the amount received by ASE after tax will be the price listed in this web site.