ChartDirector 6.3.1 Release Notes
This document describes the enhancements in ChartDirector 6.3.1 compared to ChartDirector 6.3. For earlier versions of ChartDirector, please refer to the release notes archive.

ChartDirector 6.3.1 is a macOS and C++ only release. It is only available for ChartDirector for C++ (macOS).
New Features
ChartDirector 6.3.1 for C++ adds support for the hardened runtime introduced in macOS 10.14 (Mojave). Please refer to Apple developer documentation for details on what is the hardened runtime.

The hardened runtime requires dynamic libraries to specify a macOS SDK version that supports the hardened runtime. Previous versions of ChartDirector do not specify the SDK version at all, as it is compatible with all common SDK versions. To meet the hardened runtime requirements, ChartDirector 6.3.1 now specifies macOS SDK 10.14, with backwards compatibility down to 10.7.
Upgrade Considerations
ChartDirector 6.3.1 is designed to be compatible with earlier versions of ChartDirector, which means existing code should continue to run. ChartDirector 6.3.1 can coexist with earlier versions of ChartDirector. You can use multiple versions of ChartDirector on the same machine concurrently.