Support services are always our highest priority. We are very confident on the quality of our products and support services. You can download all our products for evaluation with no expiration dates, and we provide support services to both licensed and evaluation users (licensed users will be given higher priority). You can evaluate our products until you are completely satisfied.
ChartDirector Forum
The ChartDirector Forum is hosted by Advanced Software Engineering for providing technical support, knowledge base, FAQs and announcements.

The forum is opened to public. If you need any technical support, please feel free to search the forums to check if there is already an answer to your question, or post to the support forum for technical support. Our support staff receive automatic emails for all postings to the forum and will response promptly.
Direct Support
To obtain support services directly from Advanced Software Engineering, please email to, and we will response promptly. Please include the version, programming language and operating system that you are using in the email.
All ChartDirector software distributions include complete documentation. You may also download ChartDirector documentation separately. Please visit our download page to download the software and the documentation.

For your convenience, the latest ChartDirector documentation is available online as follows:
Additional Sample Code
The ChartDirector software distribution includes a lot of of code samples. They are designed as tutorials to introduce various ChartDirector chart types and features step by step. As tutorials, they tend to be simple for ease of understanding.

From time to time, for support or internal testing, we develop test code that combines multiple ChartDirector features and uses more advanced programming techniques such as multithreading. As these code might be of interest to other developers, we package them into code samples and publish them in the following page.

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