.NET, C++, Java, COM,
VB, ASP, PHP, Python,
Perl, Ruby, ColdFusion
The Universal Chart Component
General Features
Features common to all programming langauge editions of ChartDirector
Extensive Chart Types with Meters and Gauges Clickable charts with pop-up tooltips and track cursors. 
				Zoomable and scrollable charts with viewport control. Realtime Chart Example with Zoom, Scroll, Track Cursor, and PDF Export Interactive Financial Chart Example
Extensive Chart Types
Pie, donut, bar, line, spline, step line, trend line, curve-fitting, inter-line filling, area, band, scatter, bubble, floating box, box-whisker, waterfall, contour, heat map, surface, vector, finance, gantt, radar, polar, rose, pyramid, cone, funnel ...
Layered Architecture
Synthesize the charts you want using multiple chart layers. Use layers to create combo charts, add special symbols, marks and labels to charts, highlight chart objects, add error bands ...
Meters and Gauges
Angular meters of configurable angle range and orientation - semicircle, circular, 120 degrees ... Linear meters with pointers and bars in horizontal and vertical orientations.
PDF, SVG and Image Output
Not only can the charts be displayed on screen, they can be created as vector graphics in PDF and SVG and raster graphics in PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP. Output can be sent directly to browsers on the fly, kept in memory for further processing, or saved as files.
Financial Library with Source Code
Includes sophisticated financial charting library with 47 technical indicators. Extensible and customizable, and comes with source code. Also includes an Interactive Financial Chart sample program.
Programmable Track Cursor
Adds sweep lines that track the mouse or finger, displaying data values in the legend, dynamic axis or floating text boxes. Programmable behaviour for utmost flexibility.
Zoom and Scroll Interface
Controls zooming and scrolling by dragging, using the mouse wheel, clicking or tapping on the chart, or uses the Viewport Control to visualize and select the data range. Also supports external controls such as scroll bars, zoom level sliders and date pickers.
Tooltips, Drill-Down and Interactive Chart Objects
Configurable tooltips for chart objects. Mouse and touch events for chart objects to support drill-down and custom user interactions.
Unparalleled Customizability
Comprehensive object oriented API allows you to customize every chart details. Text and labels can be marked up with tags to include icons and images, control fonts, colors, layout, alignment, line-spacing, wrapping, truncation ... Filling objects with solid colors as well as patterns, gradients or other dynamic colors. Unlimited number of XY axes per chart, with automatic, semi-automatic and manual scaling ...
Versatile and Universal
The ideal chart component in the developer's toolbox for your current and future projects. Suitable for desktop, web, client/server, console, batch, background and other application types. Supports .NET (C#, VB and other CLI languages), C++, Java, JSP, ASP, COM, VB, VBScript, VBA, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby and ColdFusion. Works on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Mac OS X and Java supporting systems.