ChartDirector for .NET
Universal .NET chart component for ASP.NET and Windows Forms applications
.NET Specific Features
This page provides information specific to ChartDirector for .NET. Please refer to the General Features page for general ChartDirector features.
100% Managed Code
ChartDirector for .NET is written in 100% managed code. It is not a wrapper for COM or ActiveX. No registration or copying DLLs to system32 is required to use ChartDirector.
100% CLR Compliant
ChartDirector for .NET is 100% CLR compliant, which means it can work with any .NET languages, including VB, C#, C++/CLI, etc.
Strongly Named and Non-Strongly Named Versions
ChartDirector assemblies are available in both strongly named and non-strongly named editions for different installation and security needs.
Visual Studio Integration
Includes Windows Forms and Web Forms controls. Integrates with the Intellisense, Dynamic Help, F1 context sensitive help, and the help index and search system of Visual Studio.
Comprehensive Documentation
Over 1500 pages of fully indexed and searchable documentation, with numerous sample code and examples.
ASP.NET Charting Features
ASP.NET chart control with zoom, scroll, viewport, track cursor and PDF export
WebChartViewer ASP.NET Chart Control
WebChartViewer is a ASP.NET chart control for displaying charts, providing image map support (for tool tips and other mouse events), and for supporting AJAX and Postback requests from browsers.
JsChartViewer Javascript Library
Sophisticated client-side Javascript library to support ASP.NET charts with AJAX features and advanced user interactions, such as mouse events for chart objects, programmable track cursor, zoomimg and scrolling, and realtime charts.
ASP.NET Sample Code
Includes plenty of ASP.NET charting sample code, in both VB and C#, with an explorer style browser page for easy viewing. All ASP.NET charts include tool tips support. Contains sample database to demonstrate generating charts using data from database.
Windows Forms Features
.NET chart control displaying a realtime chart with zoom, scroll, track cursor, and PDF export
WinChartViewer Windows Forms Chart Control
WinChartViewer is a Windows Forms .NET chart control for viewing charts, with tool tips, mouse events for chart objects, programming track cursor and zooming and scrolling support.
Chart Explorer Sample Program
Includes the Chart Explorer sample program in both VB and C# versions, completed with Visual Studio solution files. The Chart Explorer demonstates an application with hundreds of charts of different styles, all with tool tips and are clickable. There are also sample charts that demonstrate programmable track cursors, zooming and scrolling, and realtime charts.