ChartDirector for Java
Java chart and graph library for JSP, Servlet, Applet, SWING and standalone applications
Java Specific Features
This page provides information specific to ChartDirector for Java. Please refer to the General Features page for general ChartDirector features.
Pure Java Implementation. Runs Anywhere!
ChartDirector for Java is written in pure Java. It runs on any system with Java SE 1.4 or above.
Suitable for Both JSP/Servlets and Standalone/Applets Applications
Includes the full ChartDirector library contains both with server and client side features, and also a light-weight edition optimized for standalone and Applets usage.
Comprehensive Documentation
Over 1500 pages of fully indexed and searchable documentation, available in both HTML and CHM formats.
Web Application Features
Java chart library with zoom, scroll, viewport, track cursor and PDF export in a web application
No Configuration Required
Just copy "ChartDirector.jar" to your web application's Java class path (eg. "WEB-INF/lib") and you can use ChartDirector in your JSP or servlets. No server configuration required.
Headless Server Support
ChartDirector fully supports headless servers (servers without GUI or font systems installed, which are common on Linux/UNIX). If Java fonts are not available, ChartDirector will utomatically use its internal font system.
JsChartViewer Javascript Library
Sophisticated Javascript library to support Java charts with AJAX features and advanced user interactions, such as mouse events for chart objects, programmable track cursor, zoomimg and scrolling, and realtime charts.
JSP Sample Code
Includes plenty of JSP charting sample code with an explorer-style browser page for easy viewing. All sample charts include tool tips support. Contains a sample database to demonstrate generating charts using data from database.
WAR Deployment
ChartDirector for JSP/Java is distributed as a WAR (Web Application Archive) file. You can deploy everything (the ChartDirector library, sample code, documentation) to a web server in one step. You may also use JAR to extract the files and copy them yourself.
Desktop Application Features
Java chart control displaying a realtime chart with zoom, scroll, track cursor, and PDF export
ChartViewer SWING Component
ChartViewer is a bean for viewing charts, with tool tips, mouse events for chart objects, programming track cursor and zooming and scrolling support.

Note: This SWING component is only needed for desktop applications. It is not needed in JSP/Servlets applications in which the charts are created on the server side.
Chart Explorer Sample Program
Includes the Chart Explorer sample program that demonstrates an application with hundreds of Java charts of different styles, all with tool tips and are clickable. There are also sample charts that demonstrate programmable track cursors, zooming and scrolling, and realtime charts.