ChartDirector for Java
Java chart and graph library for JSP, Servlet and standalone applications
ChartDirector Implemented in Pure Java
ChartDirector is a high performance and highly customizable chart and graph library with extensive chart types, meters and guages, rich formatted tooltips, programmable track cursors, viewports for zooming and scrolling, real-time charts and huge data sets support, and PDF reporting features.
This page describes additional features specific to ChartDirector for Java. Please refer to the General Features page for more details about ChartDirector.
Java Specific Features
Extensive Chart Types with Meters and Gauges
Pure Java Implementation
ChartDirector for Java is a ChartDirector edition written in pure Java. It runs on any system with Java SE 6 or above.
JSP and Servlet Support
One of the most common usage of Java is for JSP or Servlet based web applications. ChartDirector for Java includes special server side controls and browser side controls to support JSP and Servlet applications.
Clickable charts with pop-up tooltips and track cursors. Zoomable and scrollable 
			charts with viewport control.
JSP Chart Viewer
The JSP Chart Viewer works on the server side. It generates HTML to display the chart and to support for user interactions such as tooltips, track cursors, and zooming and scrolling. It also handles AJAX chart update, stream chart updates as well as downloading PDF reports.
Javascript Chart Viewer
The Javascript Chart Viewer is the browser side counterpart of the JSP Chart Viewer. It provides the user interface for user interactions with the chart on the browser side.
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
ChartDirector can generate charts in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), in addition to PNG, JPG and GIF. SVG ensures the chart remains sharp and crisp in responsive web design, in which the chart can resize to fit different user devices.
Comprehensive JSP Sample Code
The ChartDirector distribution includes hundreds of JSP examples demonstrating various chart types and user interactions.
Distributed as a WAR (Web Application Archive)
ChartDirector for Java is distributed as a WAR (Web Application Archive). (A WAR is the same as a zip file but with a particular directory structure.) You can deploy the WAR, which includes the fully functional ChartDirector library, sample code, and documentation, to a JSP server to begin testing ChartDirector.