ChartDirector for Perl

Perl chart library for plotting charts and graphs and drawing meters and gauges

Perl Specific Features
This page provides information specific to ChartDirector for Perl. Please refer to the General Features page for general ChartDirector features.
Extensive Chart Types with Meters and Gauges
High Performance Charting Engine
ChartDirector for Perl brings ChartDirector's high performance multi-threaded charting engine to the Perl world. With extensive chart types and being highly customizable, you can create the charts you need in the style you want.
No Installation Required
Completely self contained. Just download and extract ChartDirector for Perl to a folder, and you can immediately try the sample scripts and develop your own charting script.
Output as Image, SVG or PDF Files or In Memory
ChartDirector can generate the charts in common image formats (PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF), SVG or PDF. The output can be as a file or in memory. The in memory output allows the script to send the chart output over the network (eg. to the browser) without having to save it as a file on the hard disk.
PDF Reports
ChartDirector's PDF output can include not only charts, but also text, tables and images, and the PDF can contain multiple pages. That means it can create complete PDF reports.
Comprehensive Documentation
Over 1700 pages of fully indexed and searchable documentation, available in both HTML and CHM formats.
System Requirements
Perl 5.8 or above on Windows, Linux or macOS.